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Marketing Ideas for Retirement Communities

Assisted living and retirement communities have experienced a surge in popularity over the

past few years, and the trend seems to be ever growing. Many companies are just beginning to

enter the design space for these assisted living communities so heavy competition is to be

expected. If you want your community to stand out among all of this competition, pay attention

to these marketing ideas for retirement communities that prospective residents will love.

Preview3D Assisted Living Community Rendering
Preview 3D - Assisted Living Community Clubroom

1. Amenities are king

While this tip may not be exclusive to retirement communities, it is still one of the most

important things you can do while marketing your new asset. Prospective residents and their

families love to see all of the wonderful amenities that your community may offer, and often

times these can make or break their decision to choose your facility over a competitor. This is

why it is imperative to include your amenities whenever you can in your digital content,

property portfolios and virtual tours. These things can make your asset stand out from the start

since 83% of prospects do not have a provider in mind while they are searching for their future

home. If your property does not have any marketable amenities yet, here is a short list of ideas

that your future seniors will love.

  • Indoor and outdoor pools with water aerobics classes and other water activities

  • a community garden that encourages residents to take part in its upkeep

  • on-site restaurants to grab a bite to eat

  • different classes such as cooking and other leisurely activities

  • on-site transportation around the complex

  • on-site salon and spa

  • senior oriented fitness center with trainers and nurses

2. Virtual staging and rendering are a must

Trying to conceptualize what a blank room is going to look like is difficult for most people but it can be especially difficult for a senior who is not exactly thrilled about moving to a new place. Virtual staging can be one of the most important assets in your arsenal to help show that the rooms are spacious and will be well furnished. Amenities may be king, but even the best amenities on the planet cannot make up for a lack-luster room. This is important for communities with different packages and room sizes because understanding the space of a blank room and the size difference between two rooms is especially difficult. With the proper 3D rendering service, you will be able to furnish every room and provide prospective residents with the much-needed perspective that furniture will add. Get creative with virtual staging. It can be used to show different packages for room furnishings so that there is always a style for everyone. Here are a few tips to make sure that you can get the most out of your rendering software.

  • Color can be a double-edged sword. Make sure to use it, but if used too much it can be off-putting

  • There is beauty is simplicity. Simple designs look more spacious and more usable to most clients

  • Modern trends should be used as if you were marketing to the apartment community. Older individuals appreciate style just as much as the younger generations

  • Flowers and plants can add some much-needed warmth and color to a room

Virtual staging of a retirement community should be kept simple, but elegant so the seniors know that no expense has been spared to make sure they are comfortable with their space.

Marketing these spaces can be simple with virtual staging. These rooms can be added to your portfolio as well as social media and even posted right to the business listing to help garner an audience.

3. Keep the content flowing

Digital content is great once someone is on your website looking at all of the colorful renderings and images, but it does not have to stop there. Posting other content such as blogs, Youtube videos, and other social media posts can really help bring more eyes onto your property.

Prospective residents are looking for communities that care about their residents. Being active in the online space can show that you are engaged with the community and are dedicated to constantly improving your facilities. Posting informative blogs explaining amenities and your other services in depth can help set you apart from the competition. Seniors like to stay in the loop so consistency is key in this matter. Real testimonials are also very helpful for prospective residents to read. Everyone likes to check reviews on products before they buy, and this is no different. It shows that you are open to criticism and are a transparent business owner.

4. Provide touring options

People love to have options when it comes to tours, especially during a global pandemic. Virtual tours have become even more popular due to Covid restrictions, and will most likely continue to grow even as the pandemic comes to a halt. Virtual tours are important because they can be published before the building has even broken ground. This can bring eyes to your project before it is even in its first building phase. Video tours are helpful for facilities that are already operating. They can be guided through the video chat client of choice and can be directed almost the same as an in-person tour. However, nothing can truly take the place of an in-person tour. There is a physical connection that can be built in an in-person tour that is difficult to replicate over any other platform. The older generations are keen on dealing face to face so these options can help alleviate the stress of not having a face to face interaction.

Providing a tailored experience

Overall, future residents are looking for a retirement community that can fit their specific needs and provide unique experiences that other facilities may not offer. Using these tips can provide much needed content for these future residents to explore as well as help understand exactly what these people want from a retirement community.


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