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3D Animation & 3D Walkthrough Tours Explained

Deciding what photorealistic rendering service your project needs can be difficult. When you compare 3D walkthrough vs animations, the answer isn’t always obvious. In this article, we will explore differences and similarities between 3D Animations and 3D Walkthroughs to help you decide which service is best for your project.

What is a 3D Animation?

A 3D Animation is a realistic video of your prospective property. It highlights key assets of your build within the parameters of a pre-determined timeframe. The benefit of a 3D Animation video is that you can quickly showcase elements of your build and peak interest with investors and prospects at critical stages of development.

What is a 3D Walkthrough or 360° Virtual Tour?

A 3D Walkthrough or 360° Virtual Tour is highly immersive experience where a viewer can manually explore a virtual rendering of a property before it has even been built. Virtual Tours are great ways to give the client a better overview of what they can expect from the final structure in terms of facilities, amenities, and appearances.


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